K&M Steps in selling a home

  • 1. Attracting the Right Buyer

Once you have decided to sell your home you can know begin attracting the right buyer. Start by staging your home for showings and marketing. Make sure you declutter and clean your home so that potential buyers can see the details. Focus on key areas that buyers will be inspecting such as, kitchen, bathroom, and exterior parts of your home, and make any necessary repairs.
Even small modifications and repairs can show your home in its best light. If you want the best chance to sell your home at the greatest price, you might need to make some minor upgrades. Start with least expensive cosmetic fixes, such as painting, hardware details, lighting, and striking fixtures that bring out your home. Remember not to neglect the exterior of your home, so many new homeowners initial fall in love with a home’s exterior. Invest in landscaping and improve any damaged areas.
When you are ready to start showing your home, which will be the key to selling your home, think about creating a friendly environment that helps buyers envision their life in your home.

  • 2. Establish a Price

Most home sellers find establishing a selling price as one the most challenging steps of selling their home. K&M Premier recommends asking your real estate agent to help you determine a price that you are comfortable with
Start by calculating the cost of repairs and projects you’ll have to do to get your home in selling condition. Think about the cost of labor and materials when calculating the final price. Next, ask your real estate agent to research pricing market values. Research public records and collect information on comparable homes in your area with similar square footage, construction, age and condition that sold within the past six months and are currently on the market.

  • 3.Strategic Marketing

At K&M Premier Real Estate we provided key marketing practices that help you sell your home faster. We consider your goals and implement our cutting-edge marketing strategies. From key online marketing to negotiating the final deal, we are focused on maximizing your home’s value.
As the professional real estate agency we are constantly promoting your home through a variety of marketing tools:

  • Listings on Zillow and events on Facebook
  • Engaging social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc
  • Facebook Live virtual tours
  • open houses at your convenience
  • Consistent “For Sale” signs
  • Advertisements in real estate publications
  • Professional property photographs that showcase your home on our beautiful website.
  • Networking with local community
  • Direct mail programs


  • 4. Negotiating the Deal

After the buyer has made an offer, negotiating a deal is the first step in the closing process. Try and think about the buyer’s priorities when you are in negotiations. The more you know about the buyer’s needs the better you can prepare your counter offers.
Remember to lean on your real estate agent’s advice and let them guide you. To have productive negotiations reflect on some key values.
Seller’s Steps:

  • Disclose any information needed. Let potential buyers know about any defects with the home. Giving a full disclosure helps protect you from buyer later.
  • Remember to respond quickly. When a buyer makes an offer, it means are ready to buy. Keep in mind that they might change their mind.
  • Ask questions. With most real estate transactions terminology can be difficult to understand. Your agent should be guiding you through the negotiating processes, so remember to lean on them for support.


  • 5. Signed & Closed

After you and the buyer have successfully completed negations processes you are now ready for the escrow process. Typically closing dates run between 30-60 days after both parties agree to terms and sign paperwork.

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